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Wear resistant ceramics BADDALOX (ZIRKONIA)

    - fused ceramics based on corundum-baddeleyite with high abrasion resistance
    - high hardness and heat resistance
    - abrasion resistance*: approx. 0,4 - 0,7
    - supplied in the form of castings cast in sand molds
    - the most common form of application: tile 200x200x30mm or 200x100x30mm

  Applications of ceramics Baddalox:
- in the case of tiles: gluing to the surface by concrete or by glue; using a central screw
    - other applications of special castings is judged individually

  Recommended conditions for suitable applications of ceramics Baddalox:
- possible the larger grain size of the conveyed abrasive material (up to about 100 mm)
    - temperature resistance up to 1000 ° C, heat resistance is given by way of attachment (glue, screw)
    - possible large angles of incidence and high speed of the conveyed material

  Examples of applications of ceramics Baddalox:
- suitable for extremely abrasion stress points
    - overflows, chutes
    - grill-separators (from individual castings can build highly resistant rods to grill separator - sorting coke up to 10 times longer life than metal rods)
    - lining to silos (bunkers)

    *) Loss of material in cm3 per area 50 cm2 measured by Böhme (DIN 52108).