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Wear resistant ceramics KERALOX (ALUMINA)

    - sintered ceramics based almost pure corundum (92% or 96% Al2O3) with extreme resistance to abrasion
    - high hardness and heat resistance
    - abrasion resistance*: less than 0.1 (very bad measurable)
    - delivered in the form of tiles in standard sizes or special tailor-made sizes
    - the most common form applications: tiles to maximal size of 200x200x50mm

  Applications of ceramics Keralox:
    - bonding to the substrate using an adhesive or using the central screw (for larger tiles)

    - most commonly used glue: two-part epoxy, MS polymer

  Recommended conditions for suitable applications of ceramics Keralox:
    - possible the larger grain size of the conveyed abrasive material (up to about 100 mm)

    - temperature resistance up to 1000 ° C (the material itself), thermal resistance is given by way of attachment (glue, screw)
    - possible large angles of incidence and high speed of the conveyed material

  Examples of applications of ceramics Keralox:
    - suitable for abrasion most stressed areas

    - bends in pneumatic conveyor systems
    - cyclones, separators, mills, screens, crushers

    *) Loss of material in cm3 per area 50 cm2 measured by Böhme (DIN 52108).